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In ancient Illyria, the hand-crafted beer was known as 'Sabaja'. More recently, the word 'sabah' has been absorbed into the Albanian language, from it's Turkish origins meaning 'morning'. It is only fitting, then, that while we honor the regional artisan brewing tradition and innovate for a more creative beer industry, we consider our hand-crafted ales and lagers a new dawn for beer in Kosovo.

Sabaja brewed Kosovo's first craft beer on the first of June 2013. Sabaja was founded with the mission to bring a bigger variety of better beer to Kosovo and the Balkans. Since our establishment, we've brewed eight different varieties of beer, introducing Ale styles like IPA, Porter, and Imperial Stout to Kosovo for the first time. We focus on three year-round beers, each with its own character, so there is a perfect Sabaja for everyone.

It is the passion for beer and brewing that sets Sabaja Craft Brewery apart. Beer making is an art and a science, worthy of creativity and experimentation. Great beer is not afraid to be different, and it welcomes people who appreciate originality and character. We are driven by the desire to provide the highest quality of fresh, non-traditional brews to the beer lovers of Kosovo.


To learn where you can drink Sabaja, check out the 'Find Us' page.