This is our year-round product lineup, available in bottles on and draught.


Sabaja Smoked Porter

The Sabaja Smoked Porter is loaded with notes of chocolate and coffee, mingled with subtle hints of peat smoke in a deliciously full-bodied black ale. Balanced by a tasteful bitterness, the Smoked Porter is a hearty drink; tasty during the summer, but truly in its element during the colder months. This beer is delicious on own, and outstanding when complementing food. 


ABV: 5.4%


Sabaja IPA

The Sabaja IPA is the first of its kind in Kosovo. This ale focuses on the floral and citrus characters of a balanced combination of American and Slovenian hops. The IPA's bitter backbone is balanced by a light sweetness. The IPA is light gold in color, with hits of copper at its core. It features subdued fruit esters in the aroma, and a clean finish on the palate. 


ABV: 6.3%   


Sabaja Pils

The Sabaja Pils is our take on the classic Czech Pilsner style. Traditionally light and crisp, the Pils is a satisfying lager that is easy to drink while still having a uniquely Sabaja character with a hoppy aroma and balanced bitterness.


ABV: 4.5%